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Initial thoughts: Spider-Man Homecoming

As of this moment, Spider-Man Homecoming is my second favorite Spider-Man movie. The first one is The Amazing Spider-Man 1. Tom Holland is both a great Spider-Man and Peter Parker, it has one of the best Marvel villains in the whole MCU, and the rest of the supporting cast do a pretty good job as well. I do have gripes such as the casting of Aunt May and Peter’s best friend getting a tad annoying for me, but overall it’s a fun time. Not the best superhero movie this year but worth your time nonetheless.

Initial thoughts: Baby Driver

I got back from Baby Driver just a little while ago. I plan on posting a proper review tomorrow or the next day, so for now I’m just going to give my immediate thoughts on it:

I can definitely say this is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. This is the first Edgar Wright movie I’ve seen and now I’m asking myself “Why didn’t I go see his work sooner?!” It’s stylish, smart, and exciting to watch. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen during its great action scenes.

I’ll go into further detail in my official review, but my last word on it for now is that Baby Driver is a genuinely awesome movie that people need to go out and see. I’m glad it’s getting acclaim from critics and audiences alike and made money at the box office.